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Aussie Disposals Mildura Flyer

Flyer Advertising

If your after a simple advertising or marketing solution, Promotional DL Flyers are a great way to attract customers. If you include a direct call to action such as a store discount or product offer you can easily monitor a response from your campaign. Aussie Disposals Mildura  have done just that with this punchy 10% off offer […]

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Exdesign Mildura

New Website Launch!

Welcome Everyone! We are very excited to show off our new website. Not that we didn’t love our old one but as the times change so must we. We have constructed our site so that it is super responsive with all mobile devices meaning that you can look at our website anytime anywhere. We also have the crazy […]

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Congratulations ELT Cast of 2013!

At the beginning of February we had the privileged of watching some 60 or so youth perform this years Electric Light Theater Program.Being our first time at the performance we were so encouraged by the fact that opportunities like this exist for the youth in our region. With full voices and energetic dance moves the performance was a great exhibit of young local […]

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Graphic- Design- Invitation

Happy 1st Birthday Albert!

Honestly i am probably bias being his Aunty, but aside from that i am sure you can all agree that this is little fella is so cute. In December we celebrated Albert’s Aka : The Hungry Caterpillars first birthday party. Obviously he already knows how to turn it on for the cameras and his cheeky personality […]

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