Mildura HCA

Job Details

Mildura HCA are a great company that manage and supply holiday rentals. To promote their business they elected to get some DL flyers to feature at the local Information centre.
To suit its application we needed to make sure the design were a verticle orientation to suit the flyer holders. Apart from this the branding in this design needed to be consistent with
a number of other media’s including a website, car signage, business cards ,letterheads and envelopes.

Services delivered:
– Vehicle Signage
– Envelope Design
– Letterhead Design
– Flyer Design
– Business Card Design
– Branding
– Printing
– Web Design
– Web Construction
– Custom Web CMS
– Logo Design

  • Mildura HCA Website
  • Mildura HCA Website
  • Mildura HCA Website