CMS (Content Management System)

What is CMS?

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to update and edit the content on your website without the need for expensive training.  CMS provides a simple interface for you to keep your website up to date which ultimately delivers improved business outcomes.

We offer different Content Management Systems tailored to suit the needs of our clients including:


An open source CMS that allows users to edit content and imagery on static sites. WordPress can also be customised to allow users to manage more complex content such as forums or shopping carts.

Custom Builds

When required we can custom build CMS to suit individual needs.

Here is some reading on the value of CMS
Article: 4 reasons why you should get CMS for your business.




– Easy set up
– No installation discs
– Full web based store administration
– 24/7 365 Access
– No design skills required
– No programming skills required



– Dynamic web pages
– Dynamic categories & sub-categories
– Dynamic generated Meta Tags
– Rich text editor
– Multi level customer permissions
– Category reports
– Automatic image resizing & compression

Search Engine Optimisation

Features –

– Auto HTML page generation
– Title Tags with keywords
– Meta Tags for every product and page
– Search Engine friendly URLs
– Add Google sitemap

Database and Security

Features –

– Password protected logins
– Activity logs

Direct Email Marketing

Features –

– All customer data is stored in database
– Customer profiles and order history
– Real-time order tracking for customers
– Mailing list opt in or out
– Import/Export mailing list CSV
– Unlimited mailing lists

Site Statistics

Features –

– Site traffic reports
– Product popularity reports
– Search engine success reports
– Search string reports
Failed checkout item reports

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