What to considered when designing effective ecommerce websites

A surprising fact is that 6% of all online traffic in Australia is for the express use of buying goods online. This is only 2% less than all social media (youtube Facebook or Twitter) usage which

represents the majority of internet use. (source: Hitwise) This equates to millions of people searching online for goods. A well designed eCommerce site can tap into this market.


Visual Impact

First impressions count and of course a good web design that characterises your business and displays your products is the key to making the right impression.

User Experience

Customers will soon leave the website if it is hard to find what they want, so a clear focus needs to be kept on how a user interacts with the website. If the site features advanced functionality that is structured around the user this will be a huge bonus. Features such as post code calculators or colour libraries for products will always help. You can create online shopping experiences that will not only promote sales, but also further purchases and recommendations.

Integrating your shopping cart

Integrating a shopping cart into your website allows a much more fluid experience for the user and eliminates the need for third party sites or software. It also allows you to control orders, set up payment gateways and control stock from one location.


eCommerce websites often require a significant amount of maintenance and regular updating.  To assist this its worth considering automating parts of the process to save you valuable time in the future.

Here is an article for some more reading on the advantages of eCommerce websites
Advantages of Ecommerce

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