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Web Design for Current technology

Tablets and Smartphones have changed how people interact with websites. Google’s Smartphone Usage data in 2012 indicates that mobile and tablet usage is now the main driver of growth in time spent online.
We offer web design services targeted to maximise the effect of your site on these devices.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly sites

All our sites are designed to be Mobile and tablet friendly. Meaning that your site will display across all platforms

Responsive Web Design

Responsive  web designs fluidly re-shape and re-size to fit the device on which it is displayed, this ensures that the viewer is always presented with the optimum viewing experience on any screen. A responsive  web design will ensure you are maximising the impact of your site across all platforms.

Mobile Sites

Mobile Sites are a version of your site optimised to work on a smartphone or mobile. Navigation and content is restructured to suit the smaller screen and ensure that your message remains clear and that the user gets the best possible experience.

Campaign and promotional websites

Campaign and promotional websites are a highly effective marketing tool when highlighting a certain product or service. Integrating promotions with a print campaign can target mobile and tablet users on the move by directing them to a promotional site designed for their device. Find out about our  web design and graphic design services here.

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