Web Design

We design websites that..

Are tailored to the needs of our customers

Each web design fits the unique character and purpose of the business. By nurturing close ties with our clients from the brief through to the design and build of the website we are able to keep a clear focus on the goals and objectives of the site and ensure that they are met.

Focus on the user experience

Websites act as the tour guides to your business. By focusing on the way that users interact with your site we ensure that a visitor sees all that is great about your business.

Delivers your content elegantly and effectively

Good design is measured not only by its ascetic appeal, but also by its ability to deliver the message effectively. We avoid common pitfalls such as poor page load speeds or confusing navigation that will cause customers to become frustrated and click away.

Work across multiple platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop

Whether creating mobile sites, apps or responsive web design we consider the best way to deliver your business message on different devices.

Appeal to your target audience

A website is often your first contact with potential customers. An effective web design must have the right character and tone to interest your target audience and minimise bounce rate.

Exdesign – Web Design Mildura

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