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The internet has redefined our relationship with consumers. Engagement is now personable and interactive. Conventional marketing strategies hold budgeting burdens and are vastly becoming a thing of the past. With internet web marketing, campaigns allow more freedom to penetrate globally, audience spread is faster and the financial costs can be significantly reduced. At Exdesign we can leverage our knowledge and expertise to develop a well rounded, strategic web marketing campaign fit for the competitive war that is the ‘world wide web.’

Social Media

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube makes up the majority of internet traffic in Australia. Engaging with your consumer through social media can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Social Media Can Help to:

– Foster strong customer relationships
– Build Brand or product Awareness
– Influence attitudes to a product
– Gain an insight into people’s perceptions of the brand or product.
– Win new Customers
– Drive traffic to your website
– Improve your SEO ranking

Positive responses to your brand, business or products can gain considerable momentum amongst your consumers social media circles through peer recommendation, an immeasurably valuable asset. Successful ads can even have a global reach by being passed amongst peers. Conversely, bad reviews and negative perceptions about your business can spread with equal vigour through social networks, so it is important to have a well-managed social media campaign.

Pay per click advertising

What is PPC?

Pay per click advertisements are the text based sponsored links that appear at the top of results from Search engines such as Google. The ads appear in relation to the search term that the user types into the search engine. They are therefore targeted very directly towards people that are searching for your goods or services.

Advantages of PPC

Pay Per Click is widely considered to be a marketing channel with one of the highest returns on investment (ROI). Advertisers only pay when a searcher clicks on the link and visits the site. The advertisement can be displayed many times, thus increasing brand awareness, but no transaction occurs until a click is made.
Depending on the Search Engine or the demand from the keyword, the cost of the click varies.

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